LIFEnhance Alternative Medicine Clinic

S.C.'s Story

"I was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 41. Three years later, the tumor spread to other parts of my body. The doctor gave me only 2-6 months to live! I was in tremendous pain and couldn't do anything. I've been taken to the hospital several times. I was paralyzed from the waist down due to a large tumor that had metastasized to my spine. I couldn't walk at all! I had no energy and was put in a wheelchair. I had emergency surgery done and the tumor was removed. After the surgery, I was sick and tired of taking more radiation. I went back home and started looking for an alternative way to help me.

My sister found out about Dr. Zhang at LIFEnhance clinic, and she took me to see her. I told Dr. Zhang about my condition and what I was going through. She encouraged me and asked me to think positively. She prescribed some natural herbal supplements for me. After only a week of taking the medicine, I was much more energetic and got up out of the wheelchair. From there, I began to walk on a walker! I have been continuing to see Dr. Zhang and taking the medicine. After 2 weeks, for the first time in almost 3 years, I did laundry, hung up clothes, and fixed my bed! I could also eat better because my appetite improved! After six months of seeing Dr. Zhang, I could drive and do some housework. I have a quality of life that is better than I could ever hope for, and my energy is very, very awesome."

M's Story

"I am a 76 year old lady, diagnosed with Colon cancer. It is critical that my white blood cell count be high enough, to undergo my Chemotherapy sessions. These sessions are once a week for two weeks, then a week off, and then the cycle begins again, for a total of 6 months.

Thanks to my dearest friend, she recommended me to go see Dr. Zhang. I started taking herbal medicine even before my first chemotherapy session. I have been taking it for 3 months now without stopping, because I feel just fine! I also intend to continue taking even after my chemotherapy ends, to make sure that my immune system is consistently strong. This will help me to recover better from my therapies, and hopefully keep my cancer at bay.

The doctor had warned me that I could suffer from many side effects of the chemotherapy. I look at the other cancer patients at my center undergoing chemotherapy and see that they suffer from many problems, like pain, insomnia, fatigue, weight loss, nausea, no appetite, etc. Miraculously, I feel no bad side effects! Since the beginning I feel healthy - I can eat, sleep, I have lots of energy, and most wonderful of all, each time my blood test results show that my white blood cell count is high! Even the doctor is amazed that sometimes my white blood cell count is even increasing. I have been blessed by my Lord with excellent health since I began taking tea and herbs every night!

I still continue running around, busy with my realtor job. I love having friends over for dinner and that have not changed. For Thanksgiving, I flew to Houston to be with my son, and had a wonderful time. Sometimes I wonder if I am really sick. I do not have any side effects at all. What is it that keeps me going?

Dr. Wendy Zhang is terrific, and I wish to thank her for her care and concern always and for contributing to my good health."

L.F.'s Story

"I developed lower back pain three years ago and could not even take simple steps from my bedroom to my bathroom. I have visited orthopedic doctors, physical medicine doctors, doctors who specialize in arthritis and even a pain specialist. After a lot of tests and treatments all of the doctors agreed I had osteoarthritis and degenerative spine disease. It is just part of the aging process and I was willing to accept the verdict. I assumed I would just continue to live out my life with a debilitating condition.

A friend of mine recommended that I consult a doctor of Chinese Medicine, Dr. Wendy Zhang with LIFEnhance. I made weekly appointments with Dr. Zhang, receiving acupuncture, a wonderful massage, and wise counseling. After two months of treatment, I felt like my old self. After a year of monthly treatments I was able to play tennis again. My body is healing naturally and getting older is a normal process that does not have to be debilitating. Healthy aging means staying active and young at heart. Dr. Zhang is blessed with the gift of healing and she has become my good friend. I am eternally grateful to her and would recommend her treatment to anyone who wants to explore Alternative Medicine."

J.C.'s Story

"Thirty-eight years ago I developed psoriasis. My body was covered with red scaly patches that became silvery-white. It itched and bled easily. I didn't want to wear short-sleeved clothes and it hurt my self-esteem. I was treated with steroids for many years which had many negative side-effects. Psoriasis has continued to impact my quality of life all these years. Last year, I went to LIFEnhance alternative clinic. Dr. Wendy Zhang treated me with herbal medicine and herbal creams. After two months, the red color became much paler and less itchy. It also stopped bleeding because I no longer scratched. I am very pleased that after all these decades my psoriasis has finally gotten better."

N.B.'s Story

"My husband is by nature a worrier, and hence has suffered from stress, anxiety attacks and insomnia for many years. His doctor prescribed Prozac and put him on a daily dosage. However, we disliked the drug immensely. It dulled his senses too much, plus it had addictive properties. My husband has always preferred natural remedies to drugs, without the side effects, like dizziness or dependency. So he decided to quit taking Prozac after being on it for two years. Unfortunately the stress, anxiety and insomnia returned.

Then, our son recommended that we try this new herbal medicine that is very much stronger than regular herbal remedies, yet it is not addictive, and it does not make one drowsy. We checked their website, and felt reassured when we found that the natural medicine also had scientific research and studies conducted.

So my husband went to Dr. Wendy Zhang and got some of her formula and the first night itself we found that it worked! He slept very well, and the next day felt relaxed, without any drowsiness. Since then he has continued taking just 2 capsules each night, about 20 minutes before bedtime. It has been nine months and it is working marvelously for him! It does not remove any problems, but he is not stressed nor has any anxiety attacks. Plus he has sound sleep every night. And on top of it, there are no side effects like when he was on prescription drugs. It has done wonders for him and for me too!

Recently my mother visited me from Italy, and she was suffering from severe emotional stress and could not sleep at nights. I immediately insisted that she try the medicine, and sure enough, it eased her mentally and physically. She of course took my husband's bottle back home with her. It was barely three weeks after she left when I could see that my husband was becoming testy. That was it! I immediately ordered some more from Dr. Zhang to make sure that he always has peaceful and anxiety-free days."